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8 Gorgeous Nail Colors for Spring 2022

It’s officially mani-pedi season, which means it’s time to start putting together your Spring nail polish lineup (or at least building a Pinterest board to bring with you to your favorite nail salon).

We’ve put together a quick rundown of 8 fantastic colors we’re loving for this season:


Olive & June – Bold and Unshaken

If you haven’t heard already, Pantone announced Very Peri as the official color of 2022. The best thing about periwinkle? You can push a little more purple or a little more blue, depending on the undertones of your skin.

It’s an easy color to play with; we recommend swatching a few different shades and hues to find your perfect periwinkle pedicure this season.

We’re currently loving Olive & June – Bold and Unshaken. It’s the perfect neutral periwinkle and is the closest shade we’ve found to Pantone’s official color.

Iridescent Pearl

Cirque Colors – Mystic Moonstone

Iridescent + holo shades have been having a moment for quite awhile, but with the recent return of “twee” fashion (thanks, TikTok), other Tumblr trends from the early 2010s have started making a comeback as well.

If you ever owned a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties or shopped at American Apparel – especially if you wore the disco pant – this color is for you, dearies.

Mystic Moonstone by Cirque Colors will have you grooving to Passion Pit and Foals in no time.

Bright Chartreuse

Cirque Colors – Hustle

We saw a ton of variations of this bright, citrus-y hue throughout 2021, but this color is definitely here to stay. This time, try switching it up with a more muted, pastel version for the perfect Spring manicure.

This shade looks great on pretty much every skin tone – light to dark, cool to warm, and everything in between.

We recommend Hustle by Cirque Colors (what can we say, they’re a fantastic company).

Tropical Deep Green

Essie – Off Tropic

Think swanky lounge + lush jungles + hefty, healthy monstera plants – that’s the vibe we’re going for with this shade of green.

It’s deep, it’s seductive, it’s alive, and it certainly deserves a spot on your nail polish shelf this Spring.

We recommend Essie’s Off Tropic (an oldie, but a goodie!).

Groovy Retro Green

Gucci – Vernis à Ongles

I know, I know… we just listed a green shade right before this. But it’s Spring, and Spring is green, and green is good!

This green is more in the 70’s mod category of shades, and it’s making a big comeback this year. Not convinced? Just take a peek at our recommendation – Gucci Vernis à Ongles Nail Polish in Melinda Green.

If Gucci approves, so do we.

Earthy Neutrals

Static Nails – Liquid Glass Lacquer – Mocha

We’re leaning more towards brown shades with this nail color, but the beauty of neutrals is that you can adjust the shade and hue to suit whatever look you’re going for!

We’re currently loving Static Nails’ Glass Lacquer in the shade Mocha; it’s the perfect mix of brown with a bit of an earthy, brick hue. Just beautiful.

Cool Bubblegum Pink

JINsoon – Love

Even though pink is one of the most classic nail polish shades, it gets a lot of, well… shade! It’s an easy color to dismiss because we’ve all seen just about every variation.

If you’re anti-pink, you might just end up loving this beautiful, bright, cool-toned shade. It works well with almost every skintone, warm or cool. It also screams Springtime when you look at it!

We’re obsessed with JINsoon’s polish in the shade Love.

Soft Cobalt Blue

Ella + Mila – Summertime Sadness

Blue can be a tricky nail color. If you go too saturated, it can look a little jarring. If you go too bright, it can look a bit flat.

Going for a saturated yet subtle blue in a mid-shade can work for everyone. Balance is key!

Ella + Mila nailed it (gotta love a good bad pun) with their polish in the color Summertime Sadness. In fact, it’ll probably stay on our shelves long after Spring has passed!

What colors are you loving this Spring? Comment below and let us know!

You can never have too many options for Spring shades; we’d love to hear what your favorites are for 2022.

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